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Staff Contact Information

Please note: Staffing changes will be updated as they occur.

Principal:  Mrs. K. Chad
Vice-Principal:  Mr. D. Elves

Kindergarten Div 20 Ms. Codesmith Library Ms. DeLair
Kindergarten Div 19 Ms. Ballantyne Music Ms. Lange
Kindergarten Div 18 Mrs. Simpson ADST and Teacher Coach Mrs. Young
Kindergarten Div 17 Mrs. Whyte Indigenous Support Worker Ms. Danielle Smith
Grade 1 Div 16 Mrs. Shamley Counsellor Mrs. Jhaj
Grade 1 Div 15 Mrs. Stewart Speech & Language Ms. Geraldine Seguin
Grade 1 & 2 Div 14 Ms. Ryan Child Youth Worker Ms. Julia McCarron
Grade 1 & 2 Div 13 Ms. Toufic Secretary Ms. Essak
Grade 1 & 2 Div 12 Ms. Thompson Secretary Ms. Milne
Grade 2 Div 11 Mrs. Kamagianis Education Assistant Mrs. Bansal
Grade 2 & 3 Div 10 Ms. Culo Education Assistant Ms. Busch
Grade 3 Div 9 Ms. Kwok Education Assistant Ms. Chen
Grade 3 Div 8 Ms. Wrightman Education Assistant Ms. Di Stefano
Grade 3 Div 7 Mrs. MacLeod/Ms. Lange Education Assistant Ms. Keith
Grade 4 Div 6 Ms. Larkin Education Assistant Mrs. Kingma
Grade 4 Div 5 Mrs. Vahra Education Assistant Ms. Ranford
Grade 4 & 5 Div 4 Mr. Wong Education Assistant Ms. Lucas
Grade 4 & 5 Div 3 Ms. Hikida Education Assistant Ms. Mehta
Grade 4 & 5 Div 2 Mrs. Gibson Education Assistant Ms. Muzzin
Grade 5 Div 1 Mrs. Sharp Education Assistant Mrs. Nathoo
Education Assistant Mr. Pooransingh
Education Assistant Ms. Siddall
Education Assistant Mrs. Stephan
Resource & ELL Ms. Hayashi Noon Hour Supervision Ms. Chen
Mr. Elves Ms. Molinski
Ms. Sigur Ms. MacMurchy
Ms. Robiso Ms. Noda
StrongStart Facilitator Ms. Marian Parrish Literacy Teacher Ms. Loewe
Crossing Guard Mr. Sturmanis
Crossing Guard Mr. Purewal